This is very simple and easy way to make your own robot insects. You can change the shape of their legs and enjoy a different look and movement of the robot insects, interesting!!. This video is very easy to follow, put your ideas on top of it and do it yourself. Robots generally very difficult to structure. It has a complex mechanical, electronic circuits and sensor firmware, and software. So it is difficult to make yourself at home and students maybe loose interests on it. That’s why this video was made, this insect robot toys can attract interest in robotics for students and armature.




This DIY project is reccommended for boys age 12 years and above and the kids must have skill and experience with circuit board. Or else, maybe the parents have to do the soldering step for their kids.





If you follow the youtube channel for this video’s owner, There are several ideas related to technology, a video tutorial about designing robots building robots, however, thought a robot remote control toys, motor boating, climbing, underwater robots, robots that walk. The channel also provides knowledge about different types of electronic toys, science projects, science experiments, art, planes, birds, promote, set Robots Educational Series, a series for children and much more.