Trypticon doesn’t just want to defeat his enemies – he wants to completely obliterate them from existence. If it’s a bot he’s battling, he wants to reduce them to scrap. Once they’re scrap, he’ll melt them down to sludge. Cities get reduced to rubble, then stomped to dust. Once he gets going, there are few forces in the universe that can stop him – among the Autobots, only the mighty Metroplex can stand against him in battle. Add the ultimate Autobot foe to your Transformers adventures with this Platinum Edition Trypticon figure! This 3-in-1 Decepticon bot-stomper is bad enough in dino mode, where he actually walks toward the target of his rage.

When the battle is truly joined, he can convert to battle station mode with 2 cannons. But that’s not all! He converts to city mode, with loading ramps for your Decepticon Full-Tilt and Brunt figures! It takes a village to take on the Autobots, and your Trypticon figure has the blasters, scanners, and allies to obliterate anyone in his path! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.




Features :

  • Platinum Edition Trypticon figure comes with Decepticon Full-Tilt figure and Brunt Tank vehicle
  • 3-in-1 figure has dino, battle station, and city modes
  • Figure actually walks in dino mode
  • Converts in 6 steps
  • Includes Trypticon figure, Decepticon Full-Tile figure, Brunt Tank vehicle, 3 weapon accessories, 2 scanner accessories, 2 blaster stands, 2 loading ramps, 2 connectors and instructions.
  • Manufacturer recommended age : 8 years and up




Transformers Platinum Edition Trypticon Figure Price: $150.00 & FREE Shipping. (From list price $169.99 You Save: $19.99 )


Super Cool retro robot reptile from the 80’s. The price, It pays to a quality feel. The price of this model is appropriate Trypticon 1986 Platinum Edition. Back in the day, even at a fixed price, it would be worth your robot Trypticon T-Rex and have two modes can be changed, you can change. Stickers used to be bad. But do not be afraid to add a little too much of the set. They look good, even with modern lines Transformers as mixing models. He left the store Just use your imagination! Basically, if you have space and the need to base their G1, I highly recommend picking Trypticon.









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