Go to work, SURGE & ROCKA! Attack the hatching jumpers and clear the way for the other heroes to find the Queen’s lair with the awesome Combat Machine. Pilot SURGE – unleash the six-pack of flick missiles and fire the powerful shooter to fend off the swarm of evil beasts. Co-pilot ROCKA – detach, engage fly mode and fire the breakaway copter’s flick missiles to give the jumpers more trouble than they can handle. Includes SURGE and ROCKA mini robots with weapons.




Features :

  • Includes SURGE and ROCKA mini robots with weapons Also includes click shooters for SURGE and ROCKA, a cocoon and 2 jumpers
  • Features fly mode detachable top with co-pilot seat, opening armored visor, moveable wings and 4 flick missiles
  • Also features detachable pilot seat with opening armored visor, six-pack flick missiles, firing shooter, possible joints and translucent elements
  • Switch the top of SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine with the top of 44025 BULK Drill Machine or 44027 BREEZ Flea Machine to confuse the beasts!
  • Stands over 9″ (24cm) tall
  • Manufacturer recommended age : 8 – 14 years





This set provides much playability for children, even teens and adults. This set contains 188 pieces. This set has many weapons and features, listed below: Weapons: Six Pack Flick-Fire Missiles Goo Ball Shooter Click Shooter (x2) More Flick-Fire Missiles! Features: Detachable Cockpit (x2) Detachable Aircraft for Flight Mode High-Impact Armor Thruster Engine Folding Wings All in all, this is a great set.


LEGO Hero Factory Surge and Rocka Combat Machine 44028 Building Set Price:$35.00 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49.








The good news is there are three of the machine in this series 44028, 44025, 44027. So you can take the top part of either machine no.44025 or 44027 and take them onto the surge combat machine (44028) or you can mix and match between them any if you want. But not all of them will fit for all of the machine ie. the top part of 44028 is a little bit too large.









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