Welcoming the new DOOM game to be released next month. Also make Examples Celebrity fans of the game to build things up to the reception. Figures earlier this clip graphic comparison of the legendary DOOM game on the PC more than 26 years, it is still regarded as one of the game’s most popular FPS game.

Most recently, the show’s youtube channel name ZaziNombies create “the BFG 9000” This is the creation of Legends Gun which has a very serious fire power. It’s just like a real detailed. Overall, the gun use of Lego all over 5000 pieces and weigh up to 20 pounds or about 10 kilograms heavier called for a Lego toy. It was the game’s graphics DOOM’s first dot pixels that are similar to the arrangements of the LEGO.




DOOM Game first released in 1993, was named the game’s first creation was the most wonderful until the sequel comes out in many sectors of the game DOOM new sets off on May 13 on PS4, XBoxOne. and PC beta release mode to play online.


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