HearthSong® Exclusive – Bowl outdoors or indoors any time – BIG time – and enjoy immensely all the fun and activity of the sport of bowling without the trip to the alley. You can set up these giant inflatable pins almost anywhere and each time invent ingenious ways to throw, kick, or otherwise go about bowling them over. Ever-exciting for ages 4 and up. Size: Pins are approx. 29″ tall.


Features :

  • 29”H Giant Bowling Game
  • Set up these giant inflatable pins almost anywhere
  • Bowl outdoors or indoors any time
  • Size: Pins are approximately 29 inches tall
  • Manufacturer recommended age : 4 – 3 years



HearthSong Giant Bowling Game, Inflatable – Classic Red, White, and Black – 29″H Sale: $34.98 + $4.99 shipping.




This game come with a ball, yes, it comes with an inflatable ball (same material as the pins) and a stretchy cover to make it look more like a bowling ball. But, there are no “finger holes” in the ball. And if you ask, do the pins stay standing on grass? the answer is …They have a sturdy flat cardboard inside them at the bottom that keeps the bottom flat and weighs them down just a bit. They do stand upright on grass but can be blown over with wind.


Outdoor Play For Kids is Good
Outdoor Active Play Toys, Benefit of play : Outdoor play is part of early childhood development and education. It has been shown that without access to play facilities, children are unable to fully develop. Play is vital in developing a child’s fine motor, social, cognitive, problem solving and a range of other skills. It has also been proven that play alleviates stress, improves concentration and helps children live through difficulties.