We are sure that many of you ever see the movie Star Wars at least once. And we doubt you’re familiar the face of the white soldiers, army of the Sith name “Storm Trooper”. Of course, the Stormtrooper parties are like “Mikey Mikey” in Kamen Rider, because they can not beat the Jedi. But today you will see the new version of Strom Trooper and we mean the Badass version.






For Stormtrooper new version that will appear in the Star Wars Comic # 21, and they are called Elite Stormtroopers. From the story, there are seven officers of the Elite Stormtroopers include Bazooka, Pilot, Sarge, Scout, Sniper, Tech and Demolitions. And said the seven officers are very good at doing the brutal work as a simple task, and solo performance at all. Of course, apart put the mission to do, it should be bad indeed. For those who can read to learn more about the seven Elite Strom Troopers from the Star Wars Comic.




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