Batman has always had the coolest tools and gadgets to fight crime in Gotham City – and his Batcave headquarters is no exception! Turn a Power Pad to transform the Batcave – the platforms, Bat computer and Batwings open and the eyes light up! Turn a second Power Pad to open the garage so Batman can speed off to thwart The Joker’s evil doings! Turn a third Power Pad to open a chest with armor that Batman can wear to protect himself from enemy fire! And no Batcave would be complete without a jail, elevator and projectile launcher to add to the story and the adventures! With a headquarters loaded with so much crime-fighting power, The Joker will be no match for Batman and your young Super Hero’s imagination!



Features :

  • Turn Power Pad for an awesome transformation
  • Platforms spread, Batwings open, Batcomputer is revealed and the eyes light up!
  • Turn another Power Pad to open the garage
  • Turn a third Power Pad to open a chest that contains armor for Batman
  • Includes Transforming Batcave playset, Batman and The Joker figures, armor and projectile launcher
  • Perfect addition to any Imaginext collection!
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 – 8 years
  • Batteries 2 AAA batteries required. (included)


Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave Price: $59.99 & FREE Shipping.


Our Blog Opinion :
VERY cool toy if your boys are the batman fan. The good thing is, it works with all the imaginex toys, so even though it is really big and only comes with 2 figures, all the other figures (that you may have already) will work with it. The extra figures go on sale often for half-price here on amazon. This bat cave is a little top-heavy compared to the other bat cave, so make sure you put it on a hard surface so it won’t flop over like it does on carpet. The transforming things really does add oomph to the toy and is not just a gimmick. There is a cool elevator in the back and a secret jail at the base. There is a harpoon holder section next to the gun to store the harpoons.

Some parents complain about this toy is so top heavy that it’s really hard to play with. And the “elevator in the back is just ridiculous-doesn’t move up and down well, is hard to access even for little hands, and the mini-figures may get stuck in there.

DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-004 DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-005 DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-008

DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-009 DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-010 DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-011

DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-013 DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-014 DC-Super-Toy-Transforming-Batcave-Fisher-Price-015

Imaginext. .. Turn on Adventure
The Imaginext Transforming Batcave is packed with adventure at every turn, and kids are the ones to make it happen. In addition to the Power Pad action, young Super Heroes’ hands are kept busy in lots of other ways, pressing the launcher to fire projectiles, moving the elevator up & down and putting villains in the jail cell.

Tap into kids’ greatest superpower, imagination
‘The Joker is getting away. Stop or I’ll fire.’ Children begin to create dialog between the characters and vocalize the stories they are playing out. Plus, awesome features like the jail cell, elevator and projectile launcher help kids recreate their favorite DC Super Hero adventures – or create new ones of their own.


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