Fires Discs, Dances & Talks are Super Fun

This fantastic and futuristic remote control robot will have all the family on the run as foam discs are fired out at super speed from his chest, (look out Grandma!!). Incredibly easy to operate via the remote control which is included. The RoboShooter talks, walks, fires and even dances! Once he has fired all his ammo, collect them up and pop them back in the chamber for more action. The RoboShooter is even programmable so you can wow your friends and family as he moves and fires on his own. This RC Robot requires 6 x AA Batteries which are not included. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

This is a ThinkGizmos branded product. ThinkGizmos is a registered UK trademark. Control the Robo Shooter Robot into position and then press “Fire” and he will launch mini Frisbee’s from his chest at incredible speed. Watch out! In a good mood? Just press the “Dance” button on the remote and he will show off his robot moves which are great fun. He likes to talk too… ?Freeze! Identify yourself or I will shoot? or ?Surrender now! are among his favourite lines.



Features :

  • Super fun remote control robot with a variety of cool features.
  • When you turn him on he responds with ?Greetings Master I await your command?!
  • Press “Fire” to launch mini Frisbee’s from his chest.
  • Press the “Dance” button on the remote to make him dace great fun.
  • He can be made to walk in all directions… Forwards Backwards Left &Right.
  • He’s about 30cm tall. Great Fun for all the family.
  • He likes to talk too.
  • Needs 6 x AA Batteries that are not included.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up


Remote Control Robot – Fires Discs, Dances, Talks – Super Fun RC Robot by ThinkGizmos Sale Price: $35.99 + $8.16 shipping (You Save: $34.00 from List Price: $69.99)

Our Blog Opinion :

The toy works very well and he has a lot of fun with it.  The only thing we are not a huge fan of is the command the robot says…”Identify yourself or I will shoot!” and then without any delay, shoots its gun. Hearing this repeatedly, without any space between command and shots fired is a little unsettling/annoying. The discs are very fun. If you worry about it attack randomly looks cool sounds scary… It is not scary at all.

It cannot attack unless the disks are loaded ( he can load the soft disks himself) and buttons are pushed. It is a noisy ! Hint : If you have 2 robots, the remote controls both at the same time. There’s no separate frequency.






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