We all love robots. We even made a drawing app so you can draw your robots. Now, it’s time to learn how to make them for real. Real robot toys made of good old tin! The idea of crafting robot from tin can and recycle things are brilliant! I have seen many diy videos from youtube and some how-to website. If you get the idea, it’s easy for you to make it …The Key is “The robot don’t need to be look like perfect humanoid, because they’re robot they canbe in any form ….It’s just about your imagination”.

Let diy in your family with your kids you will get benefit making them tobe proud what they did that they can play with it other than always buying it. Fun in family the parents and their children are close, it can improve the social and communicate skills of your kids. This is the how-to idea to create robot toys from tin can and recycle junks.


Just like Boxtrolls, recycled can robots are unique, innovative and a lot of fun!

First, find a can — any size will do and lots of different sizes is best! Make sure it is thoroughly cleaned on the inside, the label is removed, and any sharp edges have been filed down. Gather any materials you may need, including possibly nails or screws and a hot glue gun. Standard school glue may not be strong enough to hold your pieces together. Make sure you have a grown-up help with any sharp or hot objects you might be using.

Second, begin to create your robots features! Find a nose, eyes, mouth, ears, legs and arms. These can be made out of anything your imagination can think of. Try adding a little bit of metallic paint added to your finds to help keep the mechanical look.

Last, raid the craft box! Find some bright pipe cleaners or pompoms to add a bit of colorful character to your robot. Make your robots personality as unique as yours! And we also show you photos gallery of “Recycled Robots” to inspire you. Here you go, look at these brave robots.

Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-001 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-002 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-003

Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-004 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-005 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-006


Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-007 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-011 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-012

Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-013 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-014 Recycled-Robot-Innovative-Imagination-Fun-016


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