Japanese artist and game designer Tetsuya Nomura tries his hand at a rendition of Batman we’ve definitely never seen before, he creates the wildest take on Batman yet. Tetsuya Nomura, if you don’t know that name, is arguably Japan’s most visible video games character designer, best known for his work on the Final Fantasy games. He’s responsible for some of the most memorable dysmorphic faces, improbable pantaloons, kitchen-cleaver swords and punk-via-bouffant hairdos in gaming history.


This Is What Batman Might Look Like in a Final Fantasy Game. That’s more than just a concept drawing, too: You might eventually be able to buy this version of Batman, which Nomura apparently designed for DC Comics’ Variant Play Arts Kai action figure line. Square Enix says the version on display at Comic-Con is a prototype, and doesn’t have price or release date details yet. But it does say the figure is part of a new line of Batman figures designed by Nomura, so perhaps we’ll get his interpretation of The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and more. Maybe even Robin.


Tetsuya-Nomura-Final-Fantasy-Style-Batman-Figure-004      Tetsuya-Nomura-Final-Fantasy-Style-Batman-Figure-005      Tetsuya-Nomura-Final-Fantasy-Style-Batman-Figure-006

Tetsuya-Nomura-Final-Fantasy-Style-Batman-Figure-007      Tetsuya-Nomura-Final-Fantasy-Style-Batman-Figure-008      Tetsuya-Nomura-Final-Fantasy-Style-Batman-Figure-009

In my opinion, this design is awesome.  I think some of the upset fans here simply don’t like any extreme changes to their iconic hero and they also forget the whole point of the design of batman’s outfit is to strike fear in criminals. The iconic batsuit does not do that… however, this suit would.  Especially when it looks like a bat out of hell. Looks too badass but I like it a lot. He`s obviously my favorite character designer, followed closely by Shinji Shinkawa and Takeshi Uematsu.

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