With the WolVol New RC Shooting Robot Toy, kids can perform pretend & play Shooting Mission. The fake shooting bullets will fly with Lights and Sound Effects… The robot can walks and turns. As shown on the photo, load the missiles into the cylinder chest of the police robot. When it is tightly stuck, you can launch the missile. Attention: The bullet missiles are applied with a soft rubber head, it won’t cause inquiry even when it hits on the body. Exciting and safe. Awesome sounds and flashing lights. Arms can be swayed up and down. Hours of fun and entertainment. A great gift for the ones who deserve it.




Features :

  • Performs 10 different actions
  • Great Flashing Lights and Robot Shooting Sound Effects
  • Has soft flying toy bullets in the stomach, control when it should shoot
  • Comes in big full colored box, package size 13.5 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Requires 5 AA batteries (3 for the robot and 2 for the remote control), not included
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 6 years and up





What are the dimensions of this item? …He is approx. 10 inches high. The item is made from hard plastic and includes 10 remote functions. So, If you ask aobut item durable, I think it’s so-so, it’s plastic and relatively inexpensive. If the kid is easy on toys it’s fine.

WolVol 10 channel Remote Control Shooting Robot Police Toy, Fake Shooting Bullets will Fly, Lights and Sound Effects, Walks and Turns Price: $39.94 & FREE Shipping. (You Save: $20.00 from List Price: $59.94)









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