Lee Jones, guy who crazy HALO, he’s spent more than three and a half years to collect on LEGO to build a spaceship called the Pillar of Autumn. This LEGO spaceship creation is longer than 2 meters and weighs more than 110 kg. The value of this work of art he’s spent are total of more than 7,000 US dollars. Lee can keep details of all components of the spacecraft as same as in HALO game. Let’s take a look at this photos gallery, to enjoy his work of art … How amazing of his creation!!!


LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-003      LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-004     LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-005

LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-007     LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-008      LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-009

About this creation, The Pillar of Autumn at one of its two (and only two) presentations. It was shown at BW 2014 this June, and in Seattle at Brickcon 2014. It was rather fun in Seattle at its showing as several people that worked on the Halo project were in attendance, and made a point of coming over to say hi.


LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-010        LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-011


LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-013      LEGO-Pillar-of-Autumn-Lee-Jones-HALO-Lover-014

I am gobsmacked. That engine assebly is a total work of art. Briliant mate. No wonder you seemed to be missing a while, yu have been building the beast of beasty spaceships. Uhm EPIC? Yeh, Epic! An amazing ship! I especially love the thrusters in the rear. I really love Halo game, and this is freeking AWESOME!!! This ship, Such a beautiful lady. And the rear is defintely the eye-catcher, here! I wish I could have seen her in real life… Must have been a pain, putting her up and moving her around. ~Cheers

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