Kuratas, world first boardable mecha (giant robot). If you see the Kurata, he is 3.8 meters heigh, and the weight of 4,500 kg (about 5 tons). Gundam fans that were left in the dark admiring children dream of owning a robot finally came true. The engineer also includes Suidobashi a friendly message: “Hello World” to boot message. After Amazon Japan open order, the first of the month, came that Suidobashi has flooded with more than 3,000 orders from all over the world. Many inquiries coming from the United States, the UK, South Korea, and China. But the condition of customer who can buy this giant robot is, if you’ve got $1 million … and live in the region of Japan. Oh, and you better be comfortable assembling large machinery, because it’s just a starter kit. And be prepared to pay extra for arms, because you can’t leave home without those.



As we can see this last year promo video name HOW TO RIDE KURATAS – Suidobashi heavy industry. Anyone can easily operate the Kuratas. This giant robot has The features is called “The Smile Shot” … You will be able to take out all enemies with a single smile. The system will fire BB’s when the pilot smiles.



I always wanted something like this…Today its “if I could just get the arms to move… Good, arm function check. Now to walk… Concentrate, Left, good, right… Come on right… Good, we’re walking, this is incre… Woah, woah, woah!!! Ok… Balance still needs some work but we’re getting somewhere” tomorrow it’s “Its the 5th Angel! Suit up Unit 02 and 00. We must stop the Angel before it makes it way into the Geofront and awakens Lilith. Neuro connections at 100%. All autonomous systems are functional. Evangelion Unit 01 ready for action… AT Fieldo!!!!! Senkai!!!!!!”



When we seen Kurata project … it was like a dream running of the plan, but surprisingly, the creators of Suidobashi heavy industries to a standstill of the first unit on sale now. So that’s mean unfortunately, the $1.25 million price tag puts KURATAS out of the reach of most consumers, but people of all income brackets can still celebrate that we’ve entered the age of personal giant robots.


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