Tips about toys for boys at age 12 months old.

At this age, your child may …Cognitive: Your child will Understand much of what you say. Social and Emotional: They will have Mimic others’ actions, like talking on the phone. And Physical: They move a toy out of the way to get to another one. So, you can see that this age of them are important. What a year! Full of discoveries, physical progress, and so much fun for you and your baby. The confidence you’ve inspired will help your one-year-old be ready for the second year’s exciting milestones … eager to learn even more through play!


Play Tips and Toys

  • How your 12-month-old might play now
  • He understands much of what you say to him
  • She mimics others’ actions, like talking on the phone
  • He will move a toy out of the way to get to another
  • She likes other children but doesn’t play with them
  • He can anticipate your action: when he sees you holding his jacket, he’ll hold out his arms
  • She only makes sounds in the language she knows
  • He’ll show affection with hugs, kisses, smiles and pats


Play and Lear Activities
At Fisher Price website, they suggest “Body Art” As your baby grows, she gains increasing interest in her body and its many functions. Bath time is a great time to work on body image, as you introduce your baby to bathtub Body Art! To do Body Art with your children you will need …


-Children’s nontoxic body paint, in a variety of colors


– Run a warm bath for your baby; make it shallow enough for her to sit in.
– Place your baby in the tub and let her get used to the water.
– Open a tube of body paints and dot the color on your baby’s arms.
– Spread the color with your fingers, and encourage your baby to do the same.
– Add other colors to other body parts—hands, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, chest, and back.
– Let your baby spread the colors around, then wash them off and play again.

Be sure to use nontoxic children’s body paints. Keep the body paint off your baby’s face, and if she tends to wipe her face with her hands, don’t put body paints on his hands.


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