When your kids about 8 years old, they will well into their desire to experiment and learn something new by themself. At school, they educate science learning for children, learn the cause and effect. So some toys that will appropriate for children at this age is Educational Toys. Today I had a mini project to your 8 year old boys, he will learn DC electricity and learn how Motor work. Motor learning is fun! And the children will have curiosity. Try something new by themself is great. Children will learn how Electric Motor works ^^

 This simple fun toy motor is easy to make with only a few parts. This is a great project to build with a child. It requires only a battery, two safety pins, a magnet and a short length of magnet wire. This kid friendly project is great for science fairs. Also great for a STEM or science project for elementary, middle or high school. Also found on instructables. A great do it yourself DIY hobby project to teach electric and electrical principles as well as magnetism and motion. Children and kid love this toy they can build at home or at school. A great projects for boy scouts and girl scouts.

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