If you love bakugan, you will also think like me… this guy is awesome with his bakugan collection! I love bakugan to, I have dragonoid,delta dragonoid,juggernoid,falconeer,skyress,reaper,fear reaper,dual hydranoid,saurus,tigrerra,griffion,serpent and from gundalian invaders i have helix dragonoid cobrakus and coredem all three from subterra and really like new vestroia and mectanium surge. But, if you watch this video you will miss this so much, want to trade all of them for anything. This guy is legend, he has so much battle gear, do you want to battle him?


In this super-long video, the bakugan collector give a glimpse of his full Gundalian Invaders collection (with over 40 Ventus Bakugan) and show the other stuff he got on his vacation, including Ventus Gyrazor, Ventus Irisca, Pyrus and Darkus Ziperator, Subterra Quakix Gorem, Pyrus Plitheon, Subterra and Ventus Longfly, Haos Phosphos, and other stuff. He also show off his new Deka Hawktor and Swayther, as well as the Bakumeter, GI Card set boxes, new Stealth cards, Battle Gear and much more.




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