Christmas 2014 is coming, now you’re probably thinking about gifts for your kids. but sometimes as adults and alot of work to do all the time, we can not know that kids like, what cartoon characters or superheroes are popular now. …Today I have an idea (Coming from a boy), he reviews the videos on youtube what is the Top toys for 7 to 10 year old boys from the last year, December. This may have been the inspiration and ideas for parents who are looking for toys as gifts for their children.


The boy reviews his top 5 favorite gifts for the holidays in 2013. He reviews Skylanders SWAP Force, Disney Infinity, the new Razor Spark Scooter 2.0, Scribblenaughts and more. Please also see an extended Skylanders SWAP Force review coming very soon with bonus toys and one toy you don’t want to get for you kids!