The Blade Liger

The Blade Liger is a Lion-type Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe. The Blade Liger features heavily in the first two anime series’, Zoids: Chaotic Century and Zoids: Guardian Force, where it is piloted by the protagonist, Van Flyheight. It also plays a relatively important role in the Battle Story and secondary roles in the Zoids: New Century and Zoids: Fuzors anime.



While the Shield Liger’s capabilities were solid for its day, the Blade Liger improves upon them, being faster and more agile than its predecessor. It also gains new weaponry, the most noticeable being a pair of Laser Blades, hence its name, capable of cutting through all but the densest of enemy armour. Its E-shield is enhanced with the addition of four cooling units located in the white ‘fins’ of its shoulder armour. Like the Shield Liger, it sports a Shock Cannon on its chest, albeit a longer dual-barrelled one as opposed to its predecessor’s shorter triple-barrelled variant, and the Pulse Laser Guns found on the back edges of the Laser Blades add to the Zoid’s ranged combat abilities.

Overall, the armament of the Blade Liger is superior to that of the Shield Liger in every way, save the lack of indirect fire capability offered by the Shield Liger’s missile launchers.


Kotobukiya 1/72 Scale HMM Zoids RZ-028 Blade Liger AB Bang Ver Construction Kit (Limited Edition) Price $73.90 & FREE Shipping.



  • Body size: Full length: Approximately 330mm
  • Boy direction
  • Age: 15 years
  • The main production country: China



About This Construction Kit

This zoid was very complex and probably should not be owned by a child. Pieces are very sturdy and zoid core is secure. Tail does not bend as much as the liger zero model but it also does not fall apart. Details are astonishing. This is a must for a hardcore zoids fan. Each claw moves individually and each part is made to match the zoid on the anime series.


The Blade Liger on Anime TV Shows


Series Background of Zoids Chaotic Century

Zoids: Chaotic Century is set in the far reaches of the Milky Way, on the planet Zi. On Zi, there are metallic life-forms known as Zoids, which possess powerful fighting capabilities. Throughout the recent history of the series, Zoids have been used as weapons in an ongoing war between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire. The setting of Chaotic Century is a few years after the most recent war between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire.

The two nations are currently observing a ceasefire, although ambushes and minor assaults are initiated by both sides, and tensions are high after it is revealed that one or both sides may have access to the ancient technology of the Ancient Zoidians.

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