Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet, Newly redesigned, themed sets include plenty of colorful, generously-sized wooden magnets. This set comes in both capital and lower case letters. If you also want wood letters for your kids to play with, rather than plastic. The magnet portion covers the entire back of the letter, rather than being a simple small square magnet. This means that the magnets stay on the refrigerator well. The color is starting to wear off on the corners. Of course, this is to be expected when you are dealing with a more natural product (wood) over plastic .. and of course the fact that young kids play with them doesn’t help. Your little kids will obsessed with their letters, and magnets. The letters are the perfect size for thier little hands, and they will love taking them back & forth from the refrigerator to the metal coffee table.



Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet  Price: $11.05 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. (You Save: $0.94 from List Price: $11.99)


  • Newly redesigned, alphabet-themed set includes plenty of colorful, generously-sized wooden magnets
  • Includes upper and lower case letters
  • Enrich a child’s imagination
  • Makes learning fun
  • Exceptional quality and value
  • Recommended age: 3 – 5 years





Most Helpful Customer Reviews

  • This is one of the greatest toys I’ve ever seen. The letters are made of wood and the front is painted with a smooth, bright, shiny enamel. The best part is that the entire back of the letter is magnetic, not just a little piece like those cheap plastic magnetic letters. These will not fall off and they are plenty strong enough to hold artwork up on the fridge. The come in a durable wooden box with a clear plastic top that slides on and off. They are much bigger than the plastic alphabet magnets so they are easier for little kids to handle without choking. There are both upper and lowercase so there are plenty of letters to make words. My daughter loves playing with them on the fridge and dishwasher. We even gave a set to her 1 year old cousin as a birthday present. I would recommend them to anyone. Believe me, they are well worth the price and your kids will be able to hand them down to their children.


  • Like a lot of people, I grew up with those plastic alphabet letters on my fridge. So when my son was around 2 years old, I figured it was about time to get a set for our home. We were fortunate enough to get this set as a gift. I was truly impressed! This set is by far superior to any others I’ve seen on the market. They’re large and colorful, and the entire back of the letter is a magnet. Not just one little square. They really stay put on the fridge! I also like that they’re wood. Sure, bite marks would probably show up more on the wood than on plastic. But overall, I think the wood is far more sturdy and durable. All the letters come in a nice wood box with a sliding clear lid, making it easy to keep everything together. You really couldn’t ask for more!


  • We bought these as a present for our daughters friends birthday. They were a big hit. The girls immediately ran to the fridge and started putting letters on… and the adults started making words 🙂 My only complaint is the colored tops started chipping off pieces right away, before we even left the party. They seem more like plastic glued on the wood than paint. Still, they were nice and well received. Just don’t expect long lasting.


  • It’s nicely made but I wish it was made of hard wood instead of pressed. The letters have a good color and smooth edges. A couple of letters could be made with sharper images, the t and i. The small i is all one piece and the small t has a very small cross bar. I don’t think a young child would recognize the small i. I may just mark a u under the circle of the i so my granddaughter will recognize the letter. For the price, it’s very nice and I would recommend it.



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