Great bag of building blocks, your little one will dumping them all out the bag and enjoys the car that comes with it. Yup a building block car. These are awesome! It comes with A LOT of pieces that make it fun to build a variety of objects, and they are big enough not be a problem for chewing toddlers, and they come with building base on wheels which is FUN to play with! Great first building blocks and great toy! You will love the fact that they are Big Blocks and just the right size for your 2 yr old son. He will love the blocks and plays with them all the time…so if you have a kid that loves playing with block then these are it. Play, store and take it with you wherever you go! The 80 piece Maxi Blocks Classic Bag by Mega Bloks includes 80 big building blocks! It is the perfect toy for your little building fan who is just learning how to build with his own two hands.

Give him the opportunity to stimulate his imagination and learning skills while encouraging discovery, fine motor skills and open-ended play. The practical storage bag keeps all of the pieces securely in one place and comes with a hand-strap to make carrying the blocks a snap!Ideal for children 1 year old and up!



Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag, 80-Piece (Classic) Price: $14.59 (You Save $10.40 from List Price $24.99)


This set is great, and I would recommend to anyone. It’s also inexpensive at just $15 dollars. Very happy so far with it. The only slightly negative thing I can say, is that sometimes the blocks don’t stay tight enough, so they fall easier than say, legos. However – I understand this – the blocks are meant for small children so it’s both easier to stack them, as it is for them to be taken apart. Just be aware that at 4 years old, they might want something more sturdy and precise – like legos.





  • 80 big Mega Blocks!
  • Primary Classic color scheme
  • Award-winning toy
  • Sturdy, practical and reusable storage bag!
  • Non-woven, PVC Free bag!
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 12 months – 5 years





  • Comes with a storage bag (sturdy, despite not being a plastic container and just a bag)
  •  They are big blocks, this has quickly become our 2 year old’s favorite toy.
  • They are easily stacked, our daughter has no problem at all stacking these
  • Fun. She loves it. There are basic instruction to mimic some animals (frog for example) but really, it’s just an 80 piece set and you can do whatever you want with it. Our little one does little animals and goes “roar!!” or something on top of the wheels and pushes it around… Or just has fun pushing down every tower I build with her.
  • Good quality – it’s not paint, much like lego, the entire plastic is that color. So it doesn’t peel or anything of the like.
  • Vibrant colors



  • Sometimes the blocks don’t stay tight enough