A Kotobukiya Japanese import. That’s no moon, it’s an ice cube. Next up in Kotobukiya’s successful line of Star Wars-themed ice trays comes the feared battle station in the DEATH STAR SILICONE ICE TRAY. This high quality kitchen item makes a large ball of ice decorated in the shape of the first Death Star based on its appearance in Star Wars: A New Hope. The Death Star ice mold is made from heat and cold resistant silicone, so it’s freezer and oven safe. Whether you’re making a treat for your family or spicing up a Star Wars themed party, this sturdy tray lets you capture a variety of foods or drinks in the familiar shape. Each blue tray has a mold for one enormous Death Star and it comes packaged in a vinyl poly bag with unique art. No longer do you require the resources of a Galactic Empire to build your own Death Star, now you too can hold the ultimate ice cube in the universe in your hands.

Kotobukiya Star Wars: Death Star Silicone Tray  Price: $9.07 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. (You Save: $2.92 from List Price: $11.99)


  • A Kotobukiya Japanese import
  • Makes a large ball of ice decorated in the shape of the first Death Star based on its appearance in Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Made from heat- and cold-resistant silicone
  • Freezer- and oven-safe for freezing and baking
  • Comes packaged in a vinyl poly bag with unique art
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 14 – 15 years





Tips and Suggestions:

1) use boiled or distilled water for a “clear” look
2) after filling the sphere with water, push down on the top a little to get a little water out. water expands when frozen! if you don’t, you’ll get what looks like a blue boob and nipple in your freezer
3) outside is very detailed so if you use the ice sphere it’ll lose detail rather fast
4) makes for a great “ice sphere” ice cube in general! my roommate wanted spheres for his drinks (something to do with alocohol?) and these work great.



Most Helpful Customer Reviews

  • I bought this as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine after she shared a picture of one of the ice cubes on her Facebook page. She was absolutely thrilled when she got it, and we instantly set about making our first Death Star, all the while making horrible puns, such as “That’s no cube…”  Anyway, fast forward a couple hours, and we discovered a couple things that I’d like to share with you: The product is made of two silicone semi-globes which you push together (and pull apart to remove your Death Star), with a hole in the top half through which you fill it with water. We found that if you didn’t make sure the two halves were very firmly pushed together, you end up with a ring of ice (think Saturn) around the hemisphere of the cube. In addition, as water expands when it freezes, if you fill the mold up with just a little too much water, you’ll end up with an nipple coming out of the hole that you filled it through. It looks like an ice-booby. Hehehe. Anyway, hopefully knowing those two things should make your first Death Star Ice Ball Cube Thing a success. These really are super cool, and rock for parties.

  • I am no baker, nor am I all that creative, but I used this to create a solid chocolate Death Star for my son’s cake. I had more problems melting than the tray but still managed to squeeze it all in and created the dreaded Death Star. It looked great even after I accidentally mashed it too far into the cake and made it look like it was sinking.

  • It’s cute. Too bad it looses it’s details so soon. Buts that’s ice for ya. Other than that I wish there was a marker to let you know of to wear to fill the water. I had to do a few trials and run to just get it right. Other than that it’s kind of a really cool Conversation piece.



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