Disney Junior’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates is one of the most popular shows for both boys and hurls under the age of 7. Jake and his pirate crew perform good deeds whiel often foiling the plans of the verbally challenged Captain Hook. Many boys and girls love the show. As parents we appreciate that the show never has a cringe worthy moment and that it promotes friendship and teamwork. While the Captain Hook’s Adventure Rock may not be a great toy by itself it does make a nice compliment to other Jake and the Never Land Pirates toys – such as Jake’s Musical Bucky Ship. it is fun for any fan of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  Look out matey – Captain Hook is trying to trick Jake and his crew into his Adventure Rock! HOOK’S ADVENTURE ROCK is packed with action and secret tricks to help Hook protect his beloved treasure! Turn the wheel to make the ship sway from side to side as the rock face becomes animated. Hook can stand on the shipwreck’s crow’s nest that extends to over 16 inches tall, becoming a crane.


The crane can swing the figure over to each of the two side platforms. Peg the figure on any of the two platforms and fire the real working cannon to detour any trespassers. But watch out for the trap doors below as one sends you ramping off the playset and the other to even greater danger with Tick Tock Croc lurking below. Press Tick Tock Croc’s tail to make him chomp. This exciting new playset has 360 degree play on all sides to stir the imagination from the world of JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES!



Hook’s Adventure Rock is a must have companion to use with other Jake toys. While it may not be a great stand-alone toy, it goes great with the Jake Pirate Ships. It seems fairly sturdy so far, but I do have some concerns about long-term durability of the crane and rope. It comes with Captain Hook and it has a two trap doors, including one over Tick Tock Croc who is waiting to chomp. The trap doors are easy set and trigger for little kids. It also has a water cannon that is fun and easy to use, but not too dangerous as many projectile toys have been in the past. It is also nice that the water ball projectiles are compatible with all the other cannons on the other Jake toys. There are also plenty of little plastic pegs that go in holes on each characters foot to keep them in place in various parts of the island. The extra water balls also store neatly right inside. These little features all make for a nice design.

Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Hook’s Adventure Rock Price: $20.98 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. (You Save: $19.01 from List Price: $39.99)


  • Catch Jake and crew with Captain Hook’s Boat
  • Hook’s lair has many action features to catch figures, including a trap door
  • Working cannon that can be moved to different sides will help keep enemies away
  • Includes an articulated Hook figure
  • Rowboat and 3 projectiles for the cannon are also included
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 36 months – 7 years





  • Comes with a Captain Hook figurine.
  • Includes a pirates flag, and water cannon and three water shots. The water cannon has a surprisingly powerful shot and can fire across a room. Make sure that it is never pointed towards anyone’s face.
  • Turning the pirate wheel causes the Adventure Rock to move its face and move the gate in a bit of a scary fashion.
  • Has a rope that Captain Hook can slide down
  • Has two trap doors – one of them opens up to tic-toc-croc who is ready to chomp down on the poor victim.




It may sound a bit strange, but this pirate-themed playset is actually quite cute. Some pirate toys are a little intimidating to a little kid, with scowling, angry, dangerous-looking pirate brutes. But in the Jake series, Captain Hook is more bumbling than menacing. So this Hook’s-face-shaped rock looks fun instead of frightening. There are a few interactive aspects to the playset, and my son can march his little Captain Hook figure around and over it for a while, playing with the different parts. It isn’t an enormous playset, so it doesn’t take up much space, but it keeps him entertained and gives him an outlet for his pirate-y imaginings! He has a lot of fun with this toy.



While we haven’t had any durability problems yet, parts of the playset are less than completely sturdy. My son, who isn’t particularly rough on his toys (but is an active, energetic little boy), has been complaining that the hook part has gotten bent out of shape through his play. I can’t straighten it back out completely, and this frustrates him. And for some people, one of the things I feel is a pro (the simplicity of the playset) could seem like more of a con. While it doesn’t take up much floor space, with only a few ways to interact with this, it does have limited use. There’s only so much to do, so some little ones, especially those who aren’t big pirate/Jake fans, may tire of it quicker than my son typically does.

Overall: The Hook’s Adventure Rock playset was a good choice for my little pirate prince. He has a blast playing with it, and that’s really what matters around here!



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