Another Fisher-Price classic, the Push Toy Melody Push Chime is a little chime-filled drum on wheels (with attached handle) that rings and jingles as your little one rolls it along. Brightly colored, with a menagerie of musical animals on the drum, the Melody Push Chime makes walking for beginners fun. As with all Fisher-Price toys, it’s built to take a pounding from exuberant toddlers. This is pretty much standard-issue equipment for children.



Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Melody Push Chime Price: $15.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.


  • Classic Push Toy with a musical roller chime
  • Roller designed with whimsical animal characters
  • Bright colors to see and fun music to hear
  • Makes music while toddler walks
  • Pushing and pulling refines coordination and balance
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 1 month – 8 years






Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

  • This is a great toy. My son loves it. My daughter (8 months) loves it when he plays with it. I look for toys that are durable, easy to use and fairly quiet. I want toys that will grow with the child and encourage the child to explore the world. If they are educational so much the better. This toy just about meets all of those standards. The sound is not annoying, it is just a little chimy sound that is actually very pleasant. What a bonus considering so many toys have that tinny song sounds and are very loud. What a better way to encourage exploration and growth than a toy that encourages walking. My son (age 2) still enjoys playing with this toy even though he has long ago mastered walking. My daughter (8 months) enjoys pushing it back and forth on the floor since she can’t walk. I think she too will enjoy it when she walks. …I bought the popcorn popper type of walking toy out of sentimentality because I remember mine and loved mine. I bought this one because it wasn’t as loud. IF I could only buy one type of walky toy, I’d probably buy this one. …Enjoy


  • Do you remember the popper toy that we all loved as kids and that drove our parents crazy. This has the same effect with a much more loveable sound. My daughter can play with it for hours (which she does) and never drive me crazy. The toy is light weight, durable, easy to take to grandma’s house and hours of fun for your child. I would recommend this toy to anyone with an active toddler who enjoys toys that make sounds.



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