“This won’t be Godzilla’s last fight!” – Tearfully said by actress Megumi Odaka of Godzilla vs. Destroyah. What I like about Burning Godzilla 1995 is lots of articulation points with see-thru orange and red burn patches around his arms, legs, torso and spinal fins included. His eyes are burning red, the arms, legs and tail are moveable in directions. What’s kind of awkward is the gaping clearances at his hips above the upper legs where you see the ball socket joints and a good view of Godzilla’s interior. The left hip and leg has a wider gap than the right side and makes them look uneven. Especially on the right shoulder than the left. The clearing gaps is understandable to give his arms and legs more move ability. The hands and feet are very adjustable while the knees are bendable. His head can only turn a slight one quarter ways left or right plus up, down and tilting in either direction. Comes with two mazer tanks and alternate open hands. My Fire Rodan’s additional special monster effects; blazing red fire blast also comes in handy for Burning G. Getting the other Godzilla figures will be challenging before Big G’s new film is released.



Bandai Tamashii Nations Burning Godzilla – S.H. MonsterArts Price: $73.70 & FREE Shipping. (You Save: $13.29 from List Price: $86.99)

The ability to pose the action figure is excellent in most ways (because of the number or joints this toy has) and a little limited in others (some important joints do not move a lot like the arms). But the mouth being able to open and the tail being somewhat flexible while staying in place makes up for a lot. This figure is a brilliant upgrade to the regular Godzilla MinsterArts figure. The sculpt is very well done and movie accurate. The range of motion is also amazing. A definite must buy from MonsterArts along with Spacegodzilla.







  • Translucent sections of body to replicate overheating
  • Brand new sculpt
  • Enhanced range of movement
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 15 – 15 years
  • Imported from Japan


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.






The popular form of Godzilla as featured in the “Godzilla vs. Destoroyah” film will join the S.H.MonsterArts series in BURNING form. Masterfuly crafted by monster sculptor Yuji Sakai, this all new sculpt faithfully depicts this heated-up Godzilla in meticulous detail, features enhanced range of movement, and employs clear parts to portray Godzilla’s overheated core. As a first production limited bonus item two Maser Canon Tank accessories will be included in set. Rest assure you are buying what you see. The detail and the painting of the figure which are amazing are identical to the marketing pictures which is highly important. Seriously this little bad boy is a great product and is the best looking Godzilla figure.




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