Playing sand has much benefit for our children, they can explore many things. For kids, the most fun thing about a trip to the beach is a toss up between getting the play in the waves and getting to play in the sand. While you may not be able to bring the waves to your back yard, you can certainly bring all the fun the playing in the sand home with you in the form of a sandbox. Sandboxes have been a favorite with kids and parents alike for many years, and for good reason. Kids love to play around in the sand with shovels and buckets and create all kinds of castles and sand creations, while adults love the fact that they give their kids a safe, contained area in which to play outside. Kids in a sand box are not going to get hurt like they might falling off a swing set or falling off of a bike; the sand make as nice, soft landing spot for any kid who falls while playing in one. When the kids are in the sandbox, parents can relax knowing they are in one area, instead of worrying where they might wander off, too. Win-win toys like these don’t come around often, which is why sandboxes are a staple in many people’s back yards.


Sizes and types

Sandboxes for children come in many different sizes to suit a variety of different back yards and budgets. If you have a very small backyard, a small will work just fine. If you have an extra large backyard, than a maxi will give your kids, and probably all of the neighbors kids, a great place to play. Many sandboxes today come pre-made as kits, complete with pre-assembled and all of the sand you need. These sandbox kits come may come with plastic and they may come with wooden. Some also come with sand box toys so you can plop your kids in it right away and know they have something to do.


Note About : the Question of the Safety of Sand

After much searching on the internet before setting up the sandbox, I found that there is a bit of debate over whether or not sand is safe. Ultimately, sand like the dirt outside, does contain natural carcinogens and most sand sold comes from crushed rock. The only way the carcinogens can enter the body is through the air when the sand dries and becomes dusty, thus breathed into the body. Even with this, some researchers say the only people at risk are those people who work with it for employment (for years). One way to make sure your child is safe would be to have the sand wet when used. We keep a spray bottle with the toys although the sand has yet to dry to become dusty to need it. Another option is to also buy specially made “safe” sand. Of course, always have your children wash with soap and water after playing.

If you prefer, however, you can save money by building your own sandbox. All you really need is some wood, a liner and of course, the sand. There are tons of plans online for building them of all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find a plan that suits your needs and is easy to follow. By building your own, you can get the right size and shape for your back yard and to fit all of the kids in your family.