These photos set, I would like to present you the idea for creating clay models. In your playing time with your little kids. As you can see, some models in this photos set might be too difficult to create. But it is an idea that works, I mean, you can create just a simple model, and then develop it by putting small pieces of colorful component and make that model more complicated by texture and look beautiful.

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Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-004 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-005 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-006

Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-002 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-009 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-010

Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-003 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-007 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-008

Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-011 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-012 Clay-Modelling-Photos-Gallery-Idea-013