Using advanced, patented Air Swimmers technology, you can bring the magic of Angry Birds to life! Air Swimmers Turbo glide through the air and fly over an hour on a single charge for long-lasting remote control indoor fun, even in the smallest rooms. The convenient Auto Swim mode makes it easy for anyone to fly and with no limit on how many can fly at once, all of your friends and family can fly too! Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo need 4 AA batteries and helium (not included) to fly. Simply fill the balloon with helium at any store that sells balloons or buy a small helium tank and fill it at home. The body is made from a high quality, durable material that will stay inflated for weeks and can be refilled again and again.




It’s a helium filled balloon after all and I never expected it to zoom along like it does. It works way better than I expected. I had a blimp with a fan motor a few years ago and this is way better. The tail swishes back and fourth to make her go. And “autoswim” makes it even easier to play with and control. See the video to see the Angry bird in action. To control her forward, press right then left, repeat, I call this swishing. You can press faster and faster and get into a rhythm. Press climb to make her point up. The control unit moves toward the back and changes the center of gravity, thus pointing the bird up. Genius! Now swish her or press autoswim and she climbs. Cool! Ok she’s up, now press dive, and the control unit moves forward pointing the bird level or down if you press it long enough. If the control unit doesn’t move, tighten the string, try again. After you get it working press “autoswim” and watch her go. Stop autoswim after a little. I found that you can keep autoswim on and constantly press real fast or hold left to make her turn left during autoswim, same for right, but sometimes it won’t do the command because the IR control doesn’t hit the control unit. Mine turns right easier, in fact mine turned right all the time until I adjusted the motor placement a little to the left (to make it turn right less) by tightening the left rubber band. You can balance her with the putty. I keep her a tiny bit less than neutral so she won’t end up at the ceiling, but it doesn’t matter, she works great in either case.


Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo – RED Flying Remote Control Balloon Toy Price: $13.10 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25. (You Save: $36.89 (74%) from List Price: $49.99)



Looks like an exciting toy, especially watching the videos online. The first thing you need to do is the blowup the balloon. Of course, you just don’t blow up the balloon with regular air, you need to bring it to a store to put helium into it, which is a little disappointing for excited kids after opening their present. You can bring it to any store that sell balloons. I would suggest to bring it to a dollar store that sell balloons. We don’t have one close by so I brought it to the local Giant grocery. I was told the price depends on the size of the balloon. The Balloon is big, it’s around 3 feet across, the lady asked me to pay four dollars. It requires some assembly. It has instructions inside the box, but I suggest to watch the online videos which are very helpful. The bird has two pink styrofoam fins. We did not get a double-sided tape in the box, luckily I have some at home. But the fins fall off very easily during flight.


Choking Hazard — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


Recommended Age: 8 years and up





  • You can take this balloon to any grocery store that has a balloon shop to get it inflated.
  • The directions provided were easy to follow. This was a big improvement over the original air swimmers we bought 2 years ago.
  • It took only about 10 minutes to assemble and I had no extra help.
  • The balloon charging station is part of the remote control. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
  • The remote control provides a compartment to keep the extra putty. Again – they’ve kept it simple.
  • The balloon actually flies as shown on the video in the manufacturer’s website! You will not be disappointed.
  • We bring out the balloon any time the kids have a play date or a sleepover. It’s a huge hit.



  • for once, I can’t find anything negative to say about a product.