The Deluxe OMNITRIX is true to scale for realistic role play. With flashing red and green lights, and transformation sound effects taken directly from the TB series, the Deluxe OMNITRIX provides the ultimate role play experience! Every Ben 10 fan is sure to recognize the unmistakable sounds depicting the transformation from Ben to Alien. The watch has a number of features and sound effects which aren’t annoyingly loud. It’s a nice role play toy for children who love the popular Ben 10 cartoon and want to act out Ben’s adventures. It’s small and light enough to take on days out. You can see the silhouettes of the aliens on the face of the dial accompanied by lights and sounds A satisfying bang on the watch face changes the effects. It would make a great Christmas present.




If your 4-9 years old son loves Ben 10, this watch is the most realistic Omintrix that we have seen. One of the best features is that after you press down on the dial to “change into an alien” 60 seconds later the watch makes the sounds of the cartoon version of counting down and running out of power thus turning Ben back into Ben. Your son will loves it and he’ll play groans, “oh man I’m out of power!” This is the one many boys always wanted. It pops up green when its ready for you to choose the alien and red when its not. If the boy a big Ben 10 fan he will love this. It has an on try and off looks just like the real one. it makes a noise when you’re transforming into the alien.


Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X Price: $189.89 & FREE Shipping.






Aliens light up when you turn the dial. with awesome lights and sounds




  • Each of the 10 Aliens’ silhouettes can be seen on the face of the watch and are backlit with a green LED.
  • Lights & Sound effects
  • Each of the 10 Aliens’ silhouettes can be seen on the face of the watch
  • Recommended age range 4 years and up




Front of package.



Back of package showing the pop-up center and the instructions.




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